Outdoor wall lights

Outdoor wall lights

So you want to light up your garden with LED outdoor wall lights? We're here to help! We will provide all the information you need. Together, we will make sure you order the right wall bulbs. Curious what your ideal wall light will be? Then read on.

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Cree LED wall lamp Sabugal | warm white | 2 x 2 watt | up & down Cree LED wall lamp Sabugal | warm white | 2 x 2 watt | up & down
Cree LED wall lamp Amarante | warm white | 3 watt | up or down Cree LED wall lamp Amarante | warm white | 3 watt | up or down
Cree LED wall lamp Ovar | warm white | 2 x 2 watt | up & down | 24 volts Cree LED wall lamp Ovar | warm white | 2 x 2 watt | up & down | 24 volts
Cree LED wall lamp Evora | warm white | 3 watt | up or down | 24 volts Cree LED wall lamp Evora | warm white | 3 watt | up or down | 24 volts
Cree LED wall lamp Vizela | warm white | 7 watt Cree LED wall lamp Vizela | warm white | 7 watt
Cree LED wall lamp Pombal | warm white | 7 watt | 24 volts Cree LED wall lamp Pombal | warm white | 7 watt | 24 volts

Outdoor wall lights; what are they?

Outdoor LED wall lights are lamps that you place against a wall. You can use them for various purposes. You can use them as mood lighting but also as functional lighting. This depends on where you mount them. You can place them next to your front door or just against your shed or fence.

Wall lights outdoor

The wall lights shine up & down, or they shine up or down. With the up & down variants, the wall lamp shines up and down and with the up or down variants, you decide whether the lamp shines up or down.

The garden wall lights are powder coated. This means that the wall lights are well protected against all weather conditions.

Why choose LED wall lights outdoor?

There are several reasons to do so. Below are a number of them:
- They are powder coated
- Weatherproof
- Stylish designs
- Certified
- Atmospheric and functional lighting
- Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

What specifications should I look for in garden wall lights?

IP value
LED wall lights are installed in the garden. So they must be weather-resistant. To check whether lamps are weather-resistant, look at the IP rating. The IP value indicates to what extent the lamps are protected against water and dust.

For garden lights, we recommend choosing lights with IP-65 or IP-67. Does the lighting have one of these IP values? Then it is weatherproof and suitable for your garden. IP-65 lighting is resistant to dust and water spray and IP-67 lighting can even be held underwater for half an hour! All LED Garden Wall Lights in our range have at least IP-65.

The wattage
The wattage shows the power consumption per LED. The wattage you need depends on the amount of light you want to illuminate your garden with.

Operating voltage (230 volts or 24 volts Plug & Play)
To find a suitable wall light, you need to make a choice between wall lights of 230 volts or 24 volts. We have explained both operating voltages below.

230 volts
The well-known 230-volt is the working voltage that is also found on the power cable and sockets in your home. The 230-volt LED wall lights are equipped with a 3-wire cable with a length of 40 cm. The 3-wire cable can easily be attached to the 230-volt power cable using a waterproof cable connector.

Cable connectors can also be used to link the lights with other garden lights, such as LED ground spots, LED spike lights or LED decking spots.      

Dimmer switches and motion detectors
Would you like to make your 230-volt wall lights smarter? This is possible with a motion detector or a twilight switch. Both are available on our webshop.

You can choose from two different twilight switches. You will find the 2000 and 3000 models in our range. Both models respond to light intensity. You can set the switch-on level yourself. The twilight switch 3000 even has a night savings mode, so that the lighting switches off at a fixed time. So you can save energy while you sleep!

The motion detector has a range of up to 14 meters and reacts when someone moves within range. Here, too, you can set the activation level yourself.

24 Volt (Plug & Play)
24 Volt is a low operating voltage. This brings advantages. Because of the low operating voltage, it is safe for people and animals. Ideal if you have pets and/or children who like to play in the garden.

Wall lights 24 volt

The 24-volt wall lights have a 1-meter cable with the same connector at the end as all other 24-volt garden lights. So you can easily connect several 24-volt wall lights with each other or even different types of 24-volt garden lights.

Please note that you must order a 24-volt transformer separately, otherwise the 24-volt system will not work. This ensures that the current is converted to the correct working voltage. You can choose from two different transformers:

  • The Hamulight LED transformer 24 volt
  • The Hamulight LED transformer 24-volt Astro

- The Hamulight LED transformer 24 volt
You can connect up to 80 watts to the Hamulight LED transformer 24 volt.

- The Hamulight LED 24-volt Astro Transformer
The Hamulight Astro transformer can be programmed in various positions. You have the choice of the following settings:
1. The light is always on (ON mode)
2. The lighting is always off (OFF mode)
3. Turns on at sunset and turns off at sunrise (AUTO mode)
4. The lighting switches on and off at specific times. You can set these times yourself (TIMER mode)
5. An astronomical timer with local sunrise and sunset (ASTRO mode)

You can also connect up to 80-watt lighting to the Astro.

Which LED outdoor wall lights will you choose?

Are you ready to find the right wall lamp? Let's get started. Use the filter function during the steps below.

Step 1: Choose 230 volt or 24 volt
Filter the wall sconces on 230 volts or 24 volts.

Step 2: Choose up & down or up or down
Filter the wall bulbs on up & down or choose up or down

Step 3: That's your LED garden light!
Only one wall light left? Congratulations! That's your wall light.

Do you see more than one wall light? Then choose based on the wattage.
Does the wattage not matter to you? Then pick the prettiest one!

Step 4: Choose the number of LED wall lights
You have found your wall light. Now choose the number of lamps you want to order.

Step 5a: (if 24 Volt) Add the accessories
- Don't forget to order one of the 24-volt transformers separately! The 24-volt lights will not work without a transformer
- Extend the cables with the 24-volt extension cables
- Order the 24-volt cable connectors to link the wall lights with other 24-volt garden lights

Step 5b: (if 230 Volt) Add the Accessories
- Order the cable connectors to easily connect the wall lights to the ground cable or to other 230-volt garden lights.
- Don't have enough cabling? Then add extension cords to your shopping basket!
- Do you want to make your 230-volt lighting smarter? Then a motion detector or twilight switch is highly recommended.

Step 6: Complete the picture
Combine several garden lights with each other and complete the picture. Link your garden wall lights to LED decking lights, LED ground lights, LED spike lights, or LED floor lamps.


Do you have a question about the LED Garden Wall Lights, or do you have another question? Please contact us. Our LED specialists are ready to answer your questions every working day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Order outdoor wall lights?

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